COMUNIDAR's Service for Companies is designed to provide advice for the design of philanthropic projects aligned with its mission and business vision.


Business Foundations and Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.

We are experts in advising and supporting Companies, Foundations, Family Offices, and Individual Donors to create, develop, establish, and strengthen their philanthropic plans with comprehensive, sustainable, and high-impact strategies. Our engine is to develop the Social Investor to actively involve them in the execution of the impact in our community and solidify the philanthropic culture in Nuevo León.


Advice on the design of the flagship cause for the new social responsibility project of the company called the Whirlpool washing center model applied to social welfare homes. This initiative aims to improve the quality of life of children and young people who live there, through a model that allows solving health conditions and the identity of the inhabitants.


Consulting service for the Social Investor’s Design which consists of providing tools to Fundación Merced to strengthen the way companies do strategic philanthropy and support civil society organizations in Coahuila.


Consulting in the design applied to the creation of a systemic model of community intervention that contributes to the transformation of communities that are vulnerable to violence and crime.


Liaison with companies and associations for the application of best practices in the matter of Social Responsibility issues.

Social Responsibility

We advise companies on Corporate Social Responsibility issues. We help to design comprehensive initiatives and strategies attached to the company's core business, taking into account global and national trends towards sustainable development. We seek that all stakeholders are involved to achieve shared impact and value.


We advise and help to create or restructure the design and operation of corporate volunteer programs. Our work focuses on guiding initiatives to go beyond action and optimize the social impact of collaborators inside and outside of the companies, in line with the established Social Responsibility strategies.