At COMUNIDAR we work with several funds with which we promote and support citizen initiatives to maximize social impact, in the same way, we guide and advise individuals and/or legal entities that seek to allocate resources to the social sector to make the best investment in the community.

Current Funds


Its priority is to offer a better future to youth, betting on programs that help to improve the quality of life of young people from Nuevo León, handing them tools that will help them to have a better development.



It is a family fund that invests in high-impact joint initiatives that, over time, strategically strengthen, reinforce and deepen the local and national ecosystem of social investment and philanthropy..


Leave a legacy and transcend in the community in the areas of education, community development, health, and ecology, through activities that promote transformation projects and that serve as a tool for living the values of honesty, freedom, integrity, solidarity, and love between family members and the company.


Support by calling the causes that most affect our community in education.

Past Funds


Pruva is an organization formed in 2013 to reduce school dropouts. Academic advising is offered to juniors in high school along with personal accompaniment through tutoring so that they can pass the CENEVAL exam. At the end of the program, scholarships are offered to finish high school. Young people with a Pruva scholarship enter a follow-up program throughout their high school, where their skills, critical thinking, and service attitude are enhanced. Finally, they are linked to a university scholarship for their professional studies.


Be a civil force that represents fathers and mothers and makes visible the main factors that affect the construction of a positive cultural environment for children and adolescents.


SEDESOL (Ministry of Social Development) together with Fomento Moral y Educativo A.C. grant funding to support CSO projects that operate in the citrus and northern areas of the state and support people of any gender and / or age range residing in those areas. At the same time, a strengthening plan for CSOs operating in the aforementioned areas is designed and executed, based on a diagnosis that detects common needs and areas of opportunity.